Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Stop Sketching?

“Sketches are misleading. The digital process is liberating. In one week I can have a well-resolved design based on a data set, not just a drawing.” (1)

This is according to Sasha Selipanov, designer of the Bugatti Chiron and now chief designer of Genesis Advanced Design.

The role of software in design will be an ongoing discussion. However, MotorTrend had an interesting presentation on the issue comparing Silipanov view with a couple of designers who were fond of physical media and concerned about computer involvement in the creative process.

“The seductive speed of the computer makes people think they can make soup from scratch in 15 minutes. But the soup you get sucks.” opined Jerry Hirshberg, founder of Nissan Design. (1)

This may sound like a generational battle but there is more to it. These debates encourage humility. You don’t find unity in what great designers love and hate as far as design tools. There is no “best” design method and no “best” design tool.

We are fortunate to have a number of digital and physical tools available that allow the designer to pick what works best for the application. You don’t make colorful paintings without a full palette. The artist blends, tints, shades, and glazes to get the desired effect. The same is true with design tools.

Don’t let anyone tell you what the best conceptual development tool (or method) is for you!

1. Rechtin, Mark. “The Human Touch, Does CAD software dream of electric cars?” MotorTrend, July 2018, p. 25.