Thursday, September 20, 2018

Food and Friends

I have many regrets. 

A few years ago I was walking(!) to the Ethnography Museum in Abu Dhabi. It was well over 100 F. I stopped at a marina (I love boats) and spoke with one of the employees. He invited me in for tea. I was so focused on getting to the museum, I declined his invitation. How foolish. Being goal oriented is good, but sometimes unwise.

Being invited to eat with someone turns a conversation into a relationship. It seems to be the most basic element of friendship and hospitality. My wife is very good at this, I am not. My idea of a conversation is chatting while standing in a hallway near another person with head, neck, and feet at awkward angles. I don’t sit and eat, sharing intimacy of an ancient sort.

Food is part of my Christian religion, from the apple at the Garden of Eden, to the Last Supper, to the heavenly feast. There is a lot of food involved.

I really need to buy more donuts and kale salad for people.